A Story Worth Telling.

The pages of the NevHouse story are being added every day. Even though the path we have traveled has taken many turns, the team have their eyes fixed firmly on delivering the vision of the company – one home at a time. The unwavering conviction, risk aversion and immense work ethic of the NevHouse family which includes its shareholders will see the book written with the ending that was always intended

At NevHouse, capitalism & philanthropy work hand-in-hand with the company allocating a percentage of its profit for philanthropic use.

Philanthrocapitalism can be summed up as “Doing Well by Doing Good” – that is, making profits whilst helping to make the world a better place. It is closely related to the concept of corporate social responsibility. Another way to understand philanthrocapitalism is to look at the two root words: philanthropy means acts of humanity that help other people or the environment, while capitalism denotes adding value and turning a profit.

NevHouse encourages everyone to do well by doing good. If you are interested in investing and joining us as a shareholder please do not hesitate to contact us. Join us on the journey to re-purpose by re-design.

The NevHouse Story

And the journey how it all began…

Nev Hyman


Nev is an internationally recognised member of the surfing community, having established two of the best known and most successful surfboard brands in the world: Nev Future Shapes and recently Firewire Surfboards. He turned his attention to the housing industry with a vision to use recyclable materials to build low cost rapidly deployable homes. In 2013 he established a new structure and strategy to commercialise the business.

When Nev is not surfing, you’ll find him talking to government ministers and community leaders. He has a heart for the people, a global solution and the resolve to make a difference in this world.

Leon Stephan


Leon Stephan is a highly skilled financial analyst with strong leadership and business management expertise at both a commercial and executive level. As the Managing Partner of Advivo Accountants & Business Advisors, Leon has been involved in the finance industry for over 30 years. Leon has extensive experience in working with directors, entrepreneurs and owners of growing businesses. He has expertise in all sizes of projects working from valuations, due diligence, funds management, asset and investment monitoring, succession planning, mergers, acquisitions and divestment.

In the past Leon has worked as a senior banker and CEO/ Fund Manager of a venture capital and mortgage funds organisation providing valuable insight on debt structuring and client funding needs. Adding to his diverse skillset, Leon has a strong background in compliance, being a member of Chartered Secretaries Australia and a responsible manager of a financial services license since 1982.

Graham Hyman


Before joining NevHouse Graham Hyman built and operated Australia’s pre-eminent school presentation business and for over 30 years he has informed and inspired millions of adults and teenagers across Australia and overseas. In addition to that Graham has been the Director of a national Youth Work Agency, sat on NGO committees, delivered courses at tertiary institutions, and acted as interim CEO of two national business associations. He is renowned for his insights into both business and relationships.

Graham is responsible for company administration, data management and IT systems.  Graham’s tertiary qualifications are in Theology and he brings to NevHouse a code of ethics, morality and integrity required for any social enterprise such as NevHouse to succeed.

Matt Henry


Matt Henry is a registered builder, master craftsman and a successful project manager of major projects spanning a career of thirty years. Matt has extensive experience restoring Victorian era, Post-War era and Federation houses, dating from the mid 1800’s to 1940’s to their former glory. His experience with contemporary building includes the design and delivery of bespoke new residential builds, large commercial projects and private schools. Matt has excellent leadership and project management skills with a track record of delivering projects on time and on budget. Best practice in design methods, orientation, ventilation and natural lighting are inherent in Matt’s work.

Additionally, he brings to NevHouse expertise in building materials research, procurement and supply chain management, and an established network of industry consultants, suppliers and contractors.