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The Pitch@Palace entrepreneurs award is the most coveted prize pursued by socially driven “for profit” enterprises all over the world. NevHouse has won the highest award, chosen from over 25,000 businesses world-wide. The vote was cast by 300 esteemed dignitaries and industry leaders from around the world, each had received a personal invitation to come to St James Palace in London to watch the best of the best deliver a 3 minute pitch, and after watching every pitch – to cast their vote. A huge thanks from NevHouse to HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York for providing NevHouse with validation and a global network of credible contacts.

Palace Pitch For Aussie Surfer.

An Aussie surfer has truly won a royal seal of approval for his business that turns plastic rubbish into homes. Nev Hyman from NevHouse won Prince Andrew's "Pitch at Palace" program chosen from 25,000 applicants as entrepeneur of the year. Download the 7 News app: Royal Family #7News

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Thursday, December 7, 2017

… and not just any old homes either.

The ginger genius behind Nev Future Shapes and Firewire has put his mind toward NevHouse, a venture that he struck upon almost by chance. Yet from unlikely beginnings Nev has created what he calls a “social, economic, and environmental solution to a global problem.”

Nev spoke to Swellnet about NevHouse.  To read the full article click here.

Channel 9’s Emma O’Rourke reports on an initiative by NevHouse to deliver hope and homes to people on remote Tanna Island, in Vanuatu. In an interview, the Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop stated “the people of Vanuatu have been through a very devastating experience”. Founder Nev Hyman explains how NevHouse is taking plastic out of the environment and using it to create panels for the homes. WATCH VIDEO >>