Social. Economic. Environmental.

Imagine if something came along for emerging nations that made a positive impact on housing, education, environment, jobs and the economy all at once? 

There is such a thing and its called NevHouse.

We take this…

And turn it into this…

And build this…

NevHouse takes the waste that we throw away and turns it into low cost, rapidly deployable shelter.

Our homes, school classrooms, medical clinics and other structures are made from recycled materials. These places of sanctuary can be built in just 5 days and are functional on or off the power grid. The NevHouse EcoStudio architecture can be adapted to meet any design, cultural or aesthetic requirements (eg: pitch, skillion or flat roof, detached or duplex).

Providing Shelter.

For the billions of humanity without proper housing or shelter all over the globe.

For Developed & Emerging Nations Alike.

Once the company reaches scale, NevHouse vision to House Humanity from the waste we throw away becomes less far reaching and more a reality. Here we explain our approach to developing communities for emerging nations, an approach that will deliver social, economic and environmental benefits.

Creating Flat-Pack, Cyclone-Resistant Housing for Vulnerable Nations.

In a report by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Mark Solomon, the rich history of NevHouse is uncovered and plans to deliver homes, clinics and schools to the cyclone ravaged nation of Vanuatu are unveiled. Watch the 730 report to see the whole story including interviews with lead Architect Ken McBryde, Founder Nev Hyman and Senior Policy Advisor to the Vanuatu Government Mr. Paul Nalau.  WATCH VIDEO>>

Creating flat-pack, cyclone-proof housing for vulnerable nations.

Shelter Made From Recycled Materials

Eco-Friendly. Fast-Assembly.

1. Research & Assessment.

The United Nations estimates that there are at least 1.3 billion people worldwide who have inadequate shelter. What’s worse, most of these people suffer from poor sanitation and many do not have access to electricity or clean drinking water. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all solution which is why we choose to undertake careful studies in every community that we build.

2. Tailor Made Solutions.

Our pre-fabricated homes, school class rooms, medical clinics and other community structures are tailor made to meet the geographic, climatic, lifestyle and spiritual needs of those who use them. Our lead architects and engineers work with local architects and engineers to create places of sanctuary for indigenous people.

3. Acceptance & Participation.

Our grass roots approach means securing local acceptance from government to landowners to clan leaders to the men, women and children whose lives will be impacted, and then securing their participation in the building of their community. Our approach means that entire communities can be built quickly and effectively and in a sustainable fashion.

4. Rapid Deployment.

Our homes, schools and medical clinics are modular in format and tailored to the climatic, spiritual and lifestyle nuances of each market. Each can be constructed on site in just 5 days or less and works either on or off the power grid. This means that entire communities can be rebuilt quickly, restoring hope and dignity for those who are in desperate need – without delay.

5. Social Assessment

The large scale rapid roll out of the NevHouse solution has a positive impact on housing, education, and health. Our impact in each of these areas is measured by independent assessors and the results made available to the government and NGO’s we work with. In countries requiring large scale ‘multi-year’ developments we undertake to build local factories which can make a positive impact on employment, skill development as well as potential GDP growth through exports to neighboring countries.