NevEarth Qualified Opportunity Fund Launches Seeking Accredited OZ Fund Investors for Innovation & Housing to Impact “The Earth”. The Opportunity Zone Fund is Authorized to Raise $350 million for Philanthropic Capitalism for NevHouse and Surf Lakes. The Fund’s unique housing solution and holistic approach to developing communities means that we can solve the housing problem on a global scale, whether in emerging or developed nations. 

The NevEarth Fund welcomes results-driven people who that are entrepreneurial, non-conforming, and who believe in life and work; there are no boundaries to what can be achieved. Every person, whether they are an investor or a member of the NevEarth operation personifies the values of philanthropic capitalism.


Deferred Taxes, Reduced Taxes, Zero Taxes


Under the program, an investor can defer capital gains taxes until 2027 if realized gains are invested in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund within 180 days of the sale. Deferred gains owed are decreased by 10% after five years, and another 5% after seven years of investment. The deferred capital gains will be realized Dec. 31, 2026 and due by April 15, 2027.


All capital gains taxes are eliminated after ten years of investment into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOZF). Note: Investments into a QOZF do not have to be from capital gains to realize the ten year elimination of taxes.