One‘s Waste... Can Be Another’s Shelter.


NevHouse takes the waste that we throw away and turns it into low cost, rapidly deployable shelter.

Our homes, school classrooms, medical clinics and other structures are made from recycled materials. These places of  sanctuary can be built in just 5 days and are functional on or off the power grid. Packed full of benefits, the special footing system used means that your structures can be assembled on almost any type of terrain… even on sloping ground.

How It Works:


Made from recycled plastic and other sustainable materials.

From our Developed Nations EcoStudios to our Emerging Nations needs such as, homes, medical clinics, school classrooms and more. Affordable, safe, eco-friendly, easy to clean, low cost, can be assembled in just a few days, and they can be disassembled and relocated.

Let’s not forget that every NevHouse removes tonnes of waste plastic out of the ocean and environment.


Our structures are tailor made to meet the geographic, climactic, lifestyle and spiritual needs of those who use them. Our lead architects and engineers work with local experts and authorities to ensure the solutions we provide are based on the needs of the people who will use the buildings and will have a strong affinity with the visual and functional characteristics of traditional structures.

NevHouse is a unique, exceptionally advantageous, solution to providing safe, secure, culturally consistent homes and community buildings in almost any area of the world.

The dominant material used in construction is recycled plastic.

Approximately 55% of the materials used in a typical Nev House structure are manufactured from recycled plastic and 25% from sustainable timber. As current developing technologies are commercialized that percentage will increase. NevHouse takes a global, predominantly developed world problem and uses it to create a practical solution to a global, predominantly developing world problem.

Unique Benefits:

• Affordable for Governments and NGO’s
• Utilizes 3-4 tonnes of recycled plastic per 600 sq/ft (50 sq / m)
• Assembled in 3-5 days
• 100% off-grid water, sanitation and power
• Hurricane, earthquake and flood resistant
• Low maintenance
• No concrete, rendering or paint required
• Hygienic
• Culturally sensitive design

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Emerging Nations Solution:

Our homes, schools, medical centers and other community structures are aesthetically beautiful, practical, functional and catered to the cultural, spiritual, lifestyle and climatic conditions of the countries in which we work. Our multi-purpose community structures are open plan and spacious; and can be supplied with solar power and clean water solutions.  Designs can be engineered to meet any location-specific weather event challenges – making each a safe haven in the unfortunate event of a severe storm.

Developed Nations Solution:

The EcoStudio has all the benefits of any NevHouse solution. It’s affordable, safe, eco-friendly, easy to clean, low cost, can be assembled in 3-5 days, and it can be disassembled and relocated. Every EcoStudio takes 2-4 tons of recycled plastic out of the environment. They come as a ‘blank canvas’ or you can choose one of our interior kits. Also, the unique footing system used in every EcoStudio means the buyer can elevate the studio up to 3 feet above ground level. This means flood water can flow under it, and high winds can flow through it. What’s more, it can be built on almost any terrain: sand, grass, soil and on sloping ground.

Providing Housing for Humanity. Together.

Awards & Recognition:

NevHouse: Clean sweep at the Australian Good Design Awards.

NevHouse is delighted to announce that it took out the top honours for both sustainability and architecture categories at the annual Australian Good Design awards ceremony.

NevHouse awarded entrepreneur of the year by the Duke of York.

NevHouse is proud to announce it has been awarded the highest honour from over 25,000 enterprises worldwide at the Duke of York’s annual Pitch@Palace Global event.