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NevEarth Qualified Opportunity Fund Launches Seeking Accredited OZ Fund Investors for Innovation & Housing to Impact “The Earth”. The Opportunity Zone Fund is Authorized to Raise $350 million for Philanthropic Capitalism for NevHouse and Surf Lakes. The Fund’s unique housing solution and holistic approach to developing communities means that we can solve the housing problem on a global scale, whether in emerging or developed nations. 

The NevEarth Fund welcomes results-driven people who that are entrepreneurial, non-conforming, and who believe in life and work; there are no boundaries to what can be achieved. Every person, whether they are an investor or a member of the NevEarth operation personifies the values of philanthropic capitalism.


Deferred Taxes, Reduced Taxes, Zero Taxes


Under the program, an investor can defer capital gains taxes until 2027 if realized gains are invested in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund within 180 days of the sale. Deferred gains owed are decreased by 10% after five years, and another 5% after seven years of investment. The deferred capital gains will be realized Dec. 31, 2026 and due by April 15, 2027.


All capital gains taxes are eliminated after ten years of investment into a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund (QOZF). Note: Investments into a QOZF do not have to be from capital gains to realize the ten year elimination of taxes.

The Pitch@Palace entrepreneurs award is the most coveted prize pursued by socially driven “for profit” enterprises all over the world. NevHouse has won the highest award, chosen from over 25,000 businesses world-wide. The vote was cast by 300 esteemed dignitaries and industry leaders from around the world, each had received a personal invitation to come to St James Palace in London to watch the best of the best deliver a 3 minute pitch, and after watching every pitch – to cast their vote. A huge thanks from NevHouse to HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York for providing NevHouse with validation and a global network of credible contacts.

Palace Pitch For Aussie Surfer.

An Aussie surfer has truly won a royal seal of approval for his business that turns plastic rubbish into homes. Nev Hyman from NevHouse won Prince Andrew's "Pitch at Palace" program chosen from 25,000 applicants as entrepeneur of the year. Download the 7 News app: Royal Family #7News

Posted by 7NEWS Sydney on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Engineering students from Australia’s Griffith University visit Cyclone affected Vanuatu in order to study the structures erected by NevHouse in 2016. An entire community was re-built to Category 5 Cyclone rated standards using a recycled material based solution and a rapid deployment building model. A multi-year social impact study on the community built by NevHouse is also underway. To read the full article please click here.

Very proud to announce Nev Hyman, founder of Nev House recently delivered a powerful key note speech at COP22 UN Climate Change conference in Marrakech. He spoke alongside other thought leaders including Professor Jeffrey Sachs, senior UN adviser and expert on climate change and sustainable development as well as Peter Bakker, President of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The path to “House Humanity” requires sanctions and endorsements of the highest order – COP22 was the perfect event to deliver a moving and inspiring message about a game changing solution to turn the waste we throw away into homes, schools and clinics for nations in need.

In an article by Austrade which is part of the Australian Trade and Investment Committee, Myles Gough posts his interview with Founder of NevHouse – surfing icon Nev Hyman. Myles states ‘from surfboards to sustainable shelters, Nev Hyman’s latest is providing safe, affordable housing to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. His low-cost houses are cyclone-proof, built from recycled plastic and waste materials, and can be deployed to remote communities in a matter of weeks’. To read the full article click here

In an article published by ArchitectureAU, Louisa Wright states “The Good Design Award for Sustainability, one of two main awards, went to Nev House, a cyclone-resistant prefabricated shelter for remote communities in Vanuatu. Conceived by entrepreneur Nev Hyman and designed by Sydney-based architect Ken McBryde, a principal at Hassell, the buildings act as affordable homes, schools and medical clinics, and are made from recycled plastic and other waste products. NevHouse was also awarded Best in Category for Architectural Design – Commercial and Residential Architecture”. Read the full article here.

The following is taken from NevHouse’s entry into the architectural category of the Australian Good Design Awards. “This initial community development project in Vanuatu can be scaled to support the long term sustainable development objectives for the rebuild of Vanuatu. This includes the provision of more than 5,000 classrooms, medical clinics and houses over an agreed period – and also includes NevHouse working with local people to enable them to become skilled and trained in assembling these structures. There is also a feasibility study to be undertaken on the establishment of a waste management and manufacturing facility in Vanuatu – to address the plastic waste problem and provide employment and other skills for the people living in Vanuatu”. To see the full entry on the Good Design Awards website click here.

… and not just any old homes either.

The ginger genius behind Nev Future Shapes and Firewire has put his mind toward NevHouse, a venture that he struck upon almost by chance. Yet from unlikely beginnings Nev has created what he calls a “social, economic, and environmental solution to a global problem.”

Nev spoke to Swellnet about NevHouse.  To read the full article click here.

On May 19th, the Sydney Morning Herald wrote “Respected Australian surfboard designer Nev Hyman and architect Ken McBryde, of leading design house HASSELL, have collaborated to create a series of cyclone-resistant shelters for remote Vanuatu communities decimated by Cyclone Pam in March 2015.

The shelters, which were based around an initial prototype called NevHouse, utilise recycled plastic and laminated veneer lumber to realise their distinctive design featuring high-pitched roofs, large overhangs and floor-to-ceiling louvres for maximum ventilation in tropical environments. The buildings take only five days to construct and are designed to withstand a category-five cyclone. To read the full article click here.